My Favorites for the NFL Draft: The Other Guys

I'm a day 2 and Day 3 Believer


These are not locks…these are not guarantees..and this is not a wish list…it is just a list of NFL players that I personally enjoyed watching play in college and believe they can be NFL contributors.

Dawonya Tucker RB Prairie View A&M.  I watch more HBCU football that most anyone I know.  I think it is great entertainment.  And wile I am generally skeptical of the ultra small dudes, the 5’5″ 180 lb Tucker just seems different.  A winner, not just a water bug out there and some that can really help any team wise enough to employ him.
Quintez Cephus WR Wisconsin  I realize it will be called a him a homer pick but consider this.  He is adequate in terms of athleticism and speed and size..then factor in that he had a close call with some bad decisions that gave him a new lease on life and much needed perspective.  And close it out with the fact that he caught EVERYTHING when he returned to the team.  Never underestimate hunger.
Jake Fromm QB Georgia  You’d be shot at sunrise if you held an early pick and passed on Burrow or Tua or Herbert but the QB I think had the best tools and played the position most like an NFL QB is Fromm.  He is a leader.  I personally didn’t think GA was as good as their record indicated and they have very few people expected to go in the first few days of the draft, they were carried by a very strong personality at QB.
Nathan Rourke QB Ohio  HUGE long-shot but absolutely worth a mention.  This is a poor man’s version of Taysom Hill.  Can run, can pass, can catch, aint afraid to block and mix it up.  The best thing about the MAC is they play on like Mondays and Wednesdays so seeing Ohio U is realistic.  This dude is 100-1 to make any noise but was a great college QB.
Nigel Chavis LB Norfolk St  The older he got, the bigger he got, the meaner he got.  An absolutely physical specimen, he would need some weight added to be the sideline-to-sideline ILB the Packers desperately need but he is a freak, ridiculously long arms, looks very comfortable in pass coverage.  Yes he plays against different competition but I promise you if you watched one of his college games, you’d notice him.
Ben Bredeson OL Michigan  A born and raised Wisconsinite that did good over at Michigan.  Being a lover of all things Wisconsin, I would watch every move this guy made in non-Badger games.  He is what I would call solidly unspectacular.  He reminds me a lot of former Badger and Packer Mark Tauscher (a 7th rounder himself) where nothing he does is like earth shattering but the guy across from him rarely has success.  Seems very aware of what is going on around him.
Brycen Hopkins TE Purdue  Has anyone seen this dude?  I see my share of Big Ten Football and this guy was impressive.   He is not afraid to block, I just read that his dad was a former first rounder so he is a legacy..he just shows up on tape.  Purdue made massive strides as a program in the last two seasons and this guy was the go-to guy from the TE position.   I’ve never been convinced the Pack need to covet a TE because we don’t throw to them but this dude is real.
From that truckload of WR’s that everyone seems to be convinced will land in GB, my favorite is Mims and even though I’m not a USC fan, Pittman would be my 2nd choice.
The WR’s that have GB potential that I’m not crazy about are Reagor (size and drops) and Aiyuk (late surgery).


Bold Prediction: Pack select Kenneth Murray LB Oklahoma with the first round pick.