Next Level Movie Trivia: How Many Can You Answer?

Includes Two Of Kenosha's Best


Here are my kinda Trivia Questions…the kind that you have to really know the movie to be able to answer without using the internet as a crutch.  How many can you get?  No answers posted, you are on your honor.

In the movie Armageddon, where is Bear (Michael Clarke Duncan) from?

In the movie Die Hard, what is Holly Gennaro’s (Bonnie Bedelia) boss’s middle name and how many children does he have?
In the movie The Godfather, name the heads of the 5 families that Michael (Al Pacino) takes out when he “settles all family business”?
In the movie Field of Dreams, what book of Terrence Mann’s (James Earl Jones) does Ray (Kevin Costner) say he read that changed his perspective on life?
In the movie A Few Good Men, what is Col. Jessup’s (Jack Nicholson) sister’s name?
In the movie Caddyshack, what branch of the military did Bishop Pickering (Henry Wilcoxon) serve in?
In the movie Trading Places, Randolph (Ralph Bellamy) tells Mortimer (Kenosha’s Don Ameche) that the broken vase netted them how much profit?
In Good Will Hunting, what political theorist does Will Hunting (Matt Damon) reference as “drastically underestimating the impact of social distinctions”?
In the movie Cocktail, what is the final Coughlin’s Law (Bryan Brown) that young Flanagan (Tom Cruise) reads in the suicide note?
In the movie Castaway, what does Stan (Nick Searcy) say he put in Chuck Noland’s (Tom Hanks) “casket”?
In the movie Almost Famous, what does Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) say her real name is?
In the movie Jerry Maguire, how much is Rod Tidwell’s (Cuba Gooding Jr) final “big” contract in years and money?
In the movie Pretty Woman, what is the name of the club that Vivian (Julia Roberts) and Kit (Laura San Giacomo) hang out at?
In the moive Kill Bill Vol. 2, when Esteban Vihaio (Michael Parks) takes 5 year-old Bill to the movies, what movie is playing and which actress is the blonde he references?
In the movie Major League, where is Lou Brown (James Gammon) working when he gets the call to manage the Indians?
In the movie Escape from New York, who was the 3rd person of the group that Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) calls out Brain (H.D. Stanton) for leaving behind?
In the movie An Officer and a Gentleman, what city and state were the two different soldiers from in the famous “steers and queers” rant?
In the movie Weird Science, what type and brand of alcohol does Lisa (Kelly LeBrock) warn Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) about?
In the movie Apocalypse Now, how far does Capt. Willard (Martin Sheen) tell the boat captain they are going up river?
In the movie First Blood, where is John Rambo (Sly Stallone) from?
In the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, who’s jersey does Cameron (Alan Ruck) wear?
In the movie The Blues Brothers, what is the fake address Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) gives to the cops?
In the movie The Blind Side, what are the two last names that Michael Oher’s (Quinton Aaron) birth mom say his last name is?
In the movie Pulp Fiction, what are the three weapons considered and the final weapon used by Butch (Bruce Willis) when saving Marcellus (Ving Rhames)?
In the movie Now You See Me, how old was Dylan Rhodes (Kenosha’s Mark Ruffolo) when his father, Lionel Shrike, dies in a magic accident?
25  Impossible
24-23 Next to Impossible
22-20 Movie Beast
19-15 Two Thumbs Up
15-10 One Thumb Up
10-5 Too Much Detail For Me
5-0 We Have Different Tastes In Movies