Peanut Butter and Jam is back baby!!

Little Ed rocks his triumphant return


This past Thursday, Little Ed and the Blues Imperials made their annual trek to Kenosha to jam out at Peanut Butter and Jam down on the Kenosha lakefront.  Week 1 had a good “current” country group and next week is reggae!  The moral of the story is, it is ALL good music and it is a Kenosha “happening” event (pun intended).  Frank and Kim do an amazing job and it is one of the highlights of every summer.  Here is why I go:

To see how many people we can get in our circle of chill

Because if I get there early enough, I can sit my big ass on the cement/rock planter and not have to navigate a low riding lawn chair

To get my independent wresting news of WLIP superfan Dale

To see at least one if not multiple Selovich brothers

To watch the dude we call the older Kevin Hoff dance to EVERY song

To see if anyone in our circle can win a gift certificate at halftime (we have a Frank’s Diner winner from last year that we have until the end of August to use…Garbage Plate!!)

Because it is fun and relaxing and a great place to just unwind

Most importantly is to see my guy Manny.  Many of y’all know him and his story.  Allegedly when Manny and I snapped a selfie like 3 or 4 years ago it was his first ever selfie…I’m calling BS on that.  But it is great seeing him in better health.  This upcoming Thursday I gotta break out my baseball glove..we are playing some catch and he said he is bringing a bat!