Random Thoughts

With Some NFL Optimism


The surprise team of the NFL this season will be the Indianapolis Colts.  Of their first 7 games, the toughest task they face is Minnesota at home.  Pittman and Taylor with their first two picks, neither being a first rounder, is pretty solid.  They were competitive in 7 of their 9 losses and I believe Phillip Rivers will flourish in this well balanced offense where the head coach enters his third season at the helm.

Packers Fans! Get off the “First Round WR” narrative, for the love of Mike!  Picks 1-20 of the NFL Draft are extremely predictable.  And from 20 to the back of the 2nd Round the value of any given fit into a scheme comes far more into play as opposed to the best guy on the board.  And the 2nd Round run of Jennings and Jordy and Cobb and Adams are as good as a WR span covering the last 15 years and counting as you will see in the NFL..  So the fact that the Pack almost always draft after 20, I say you gotta grade the WR position as at least a B + since 2006.

I believe Antonio Brown should absolutely have a TV Reality Series that is a takeoff from the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.  Just theatrics and lifestyle and drama and bling.  I’m dead serious.  Be “that guy” but be that guy in your prime and not some ex-jock tryin to stay relevant and get paid.  The reality of the upside of that financially is exponentially higher than the long-term deal that would net similar money.  I’m not convinced someone is ready to commit 3 or 4 years to him.  With the right marketing and that type of show that America can’t seem to get enough of..he’d make year-long football money in 48 hours in Vegas.

I believe Devin Funchess and Rick Wagner will both far exceed expectation.  Funchess is healthy and has an NFL thrower for a QB for the first time in his career.  And I believe that his signing along with the emergence of Lazard and the greatness of Adams, is as I have said all along, proof that the Packers don’t view their WR corps as weak as the armchairs do.  And Wagner is a mauler.  Not a world class pass blocker, but adequate.  And in the man-on-man run game, he is a basher.  He is a few seasons removed from being the top paid RT in the game…he just went to a Detroit offense that didn’t need a basher.  The Pack drafted a basher of a RB in the 2nd round. Wagner just has to hold the line long enough for timing passing and win every one on one run block.  It is what that offense is built on.

The NFL plans on a full schedule…at least as of today I believe they still do.  Smart money says no way NY and CA are going to have anyone anywhere near a stadium.  So have the Jets play home games in Wyoming. The Giants get “The Dakotas”, The Niners go to Idaho, The Rams to Utah and the Chargers to Montana.  Fill a fricken stadium.  Not only do you get at least some or most of the asses in the seats, you get hotels and restaurants and parking AND a whole new fan base to merchandise to from the “Covid” Season when the NFL came to Big Sky Country.

The more I watch of The Last Dance the more I appreciate Michael Jordan.  It is unimaginable to live that life daily and to live it unapologetic ally human.  To the Michael Jordan detractors, you’d have been in the shower, fully clothed, in the fetal position sucking your thumb about 48 hours into that much pressure..and so would I have.  He was the greatest ever to play…he is insanely competitive…he definitely walks what he talks and he is the cold bloodest killer ever on the court…with Kobe and Cheryl Miller a pretty distant 2-3.  And I loved the tutorial on The Triangle Offense…and of course Rodman.  Amazing sports time capsule.

In this time of home projects, kudos to my wife for turning the “warehouse” bedroom into an office.  She has a TON of cool things to display and she is just getting warmed up.  Check out from bottom to top:  Starsky and Hutch T-Shirt, Family Affair Lunch Box (with thermos and folded up napkin). Jane West with horse.  Hot Wheels pins, Bozo (1956), Lucy (1961).  Buffy and Mrs. Beasley (1967).  The Partridge Family Board Game.  A Huckleberry Hound Clip.  A TV Guide featuring Lucy and the kids from March of 1969.  A classic old wind-up radio and a Fisher Price Radio Iron.  And on the side a Miller Beer Can Bank, A Giant Old Style Bottle Bank and the box of 4 for 99 cents Bantam Jigsaw Puzzles (Snuffy Smith, Beatle Bailey and 2 Popeye’s).  And hanging on the left, an Arizona back scratcher from the early 60’s. Vintage!