The Queen Of Local Radio: Shirley From AM 1050 WLIP

From Fan To Famous


How long have you been calling in to AM 1050 WLIP radio shows?

For over 14 years now and I have no intention of slowing down.

How has being the Queen of WLIP changed your life?

Almost everyone I communicate with every day, I know from WLIP

Are you the Irene Buri-Nelson of today’s WLIP?

No Way! She was one of a kind.  I’m just a fan and listener.

Is it true you woke up at 3AM every day just to call in to a radio show?

Yes, to call in to Dr. Destruction’s show and I did not need an alarm.

When is the last time you went an entire weekday and did not call in to WLIP?

It has been many, many years.  I can’t really even remember.

Any strange encounters with people when they found out who you are?

People say, “Oh, you are Shirley?  I hear you all the time”.  I’ve done selfies and autographs

Is there a downside of being the Queen of WLIP?

No, it’s the greatest.

What do you say to your detractors?

If you don’t like it, change that station.

What more would you like to accomplish at WLIP?

I just enjoy talking on the shows, and I’m always interested in more

Do they invite you to the company Christmas Party?

No, do you think they should?

Any parting words for all of the Shirley Swank-Pitts fans out there?

I hear from all my friends when I talk on the radio, because live and local radio keeps us connected.