Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Betsy Ade to Win The Voice

Kenosha's Finest in the Top 24

  1. Her son said “this girl is gonna be a rock star”..and who are we to disappoint the young man??
  1. THREE of The Voice celebrities have chosen to want to work with Besty..and if 4 out of 5 dentist’s surveyed is a rational selling point..3 out of 4 Voice judges certainly must be correct as well.
  1. Kenosha can only hang on to the “Orson Welles, Don Ameche, Mark Ruffalo” celebrities in Hollywood thing for so long..we need a new one..who better than Betsy Ade?
  1. She has competed in two head-to-heads and was declared the winner in neither…SHE’S DUE!!!!
  1. She is unique.  The Voice has no one else competing with her look or her sound or her complete mastery of “owning the stage”.
  1. Betsy Ade was born for this!  Everything you see on stage is inherent talent.  Oh sure, Hollywood is helping her identify what her “star” is gonna look and sound like..but that “star” has always been inside her.
  1. Because when she wins, most of Kenosha is going to celebrate her victory…hell we may even have a parade.
  1. Old people need to learn new things, like Apps and streaming and downloads..what a better way to do so, helping one of our own win it all
  1. Besty has been on Kenosha Sports Extra radio show four times…twices as Betsy Ade, creative, powerful, front person for Well Known Strangers and twice as Betsy Ade, one of the favorites on NBC’s The Voice.  And all four times she has been exactly the same person. A RARE combination of supreme talent crossed with complete humility and unwavering loyalty.  THAT is someone absolutely worth voting for many many times.
  1. So little girls in Kenosha and all over the world can continue to be inspired by Betsy Ade..Kenosha’s Finest!! (*Both short videos are pretty awesome tributes to our local superstar..she does not let the small stuff like “knowing the words” or “the mic cord through the coat sleeve” deter her)