NBA Playoffs by The Numbers

Fear the Deer


7  The amount of non-dribble steps Kawhi Leonard took as he got (3) and shot (4) the game winner against Philly

14  The amount of shots attempted by Giannis in a close-out game 5 that the Buck won in a walk.

15  The amount of 3 pointers James Harden attempted in a series ending Game 6 loss

2  The number of cities named Milwaukee (Milwaukie) left in the playoffs.  One in Wisconsin the other in Oregon

-18  The +/- differential average of the Boston starters in game 5.

-37  Kyrie Irving’s combined +/- differential for the entire series

23  The ADP (Average Draft Position) of the Top 3 regular season scorers for the Bucks and the Raptors.

7  The ADP of the Top 3 regular season scorers for the Warriors and Blazers

3  The total amount of the combined Top 3 regular season scoring leaders, left in the playoffs, that were drafted in the Top 10 of their respective draft.

1, 5, 11, 16  The final regular season team defensive standings for the Bucks, Raptors, Warriors and Blazers.

0%  The chance the Memphis Grizzlies had of landing Zion Williamson once the Top 4 were revealed to be New Orleans, Memphis, New York and the Lakers.

5000+  The amount of drunks on Bourbon Street when they found out the NBA just saved professional basketball in New Orleans with the draft lottery results.

Millions  The amount of prayers and well wishes said for a Milwaukee team starving for success and a fan base that has earned the right to be happy.

Fear the Deer!!