Top 10 Reasons To Watch The NFL At Sullivan’s

KTown's Best For Watching Football


10. The landscape of the room is perfect.  Wide Open, and all TV’s with great line of sight.

9. Location, Location, Location!  Conveniently located on Hwy 50 and 60th Ave in Kenosha makes Sullivan’s an easy place to get in to and out of.

8.  The food selection is very good and reasonably priced.  The pizza is locally made and tops a line-up of other solid bar food.

7. The variety of fans that you get in the place.  Always some Cowboys fans, strong Viking contingent.  Plenty of Packer Backers and Bear faithful.  A few Giants fans, and of course Redskin dude.

6.  The atmosphere.  No one is ever anything but respectful of other team’s fans in the pursuit of a good time.

5. Prices.  The drinks are always on special for many different events and the NFL drink specials are well worth the trip in.

4.  Feeling of family.  Many times there will be a fundraiser or celebration of some sort during football Sunday and everyone kinda closes ranks and joins with the group to celebrate or to help a cause.

3.  Mystery Shots for a buck.  There is nothing better than getting a big TD for your team and yelling “mystery shots for everyone” and buying the whole packed bar a shot for about $30 bucks.

2.  Kathy the Queen of Sullivan’s on Sunday.  She is loud and she is in complete control of the room.  A personable woman with a good heart and a great bartender.

1. All BDW wanted was a place to watch games…ALL GAMES..and he found it at Sullivan’s.  He handles the remote and NO ONE is ever denied (within reason) a chance to watch what they want, where they want.