Throw A Holiday Party…At Scotty’s?

The Place Will Be..Well…..Lit


In a unique turn of events, the official closing of Scotty’s Tavern is November 27th…well sort of.  According to a few regulars we spoke with when we went in there on November 26th, the place will remain open “certain dates”.  The story I got went something like, they wanted to keep the license and in order to do so, the bar must be open 48 hours per month.  Again, that is second hand information but the person that told it to me most definitely qualifies as a regular.  So in making the place available for business at least 48 hours a month, certain dates have already been booked.  It was told to me that all remaining Packer games would unlock the doors as well as some requested dates by certain individuals for party purposes.  Here is the rub, according to my source, ANY day that the bar is open for whatever reason…a designated party or otherwise..the bar is still open to the public.

So this kinda looks like a 2020 type “party by appointment” set up with a few Packer games sprinkled in.  I was told this will remain in effect into the new year as well.  I think it is a great concept.  He is opening the doors when he has a reason to open the doors.  And for the record, my source says it has literally been a party every night since the “closing” was announced and there has been a bit of a rebirth in the popularity of this long time Kenosha establishment.  And it means you have some time left.  As the unofficial marketing arm of Scotty’s let me say that you know there are plenty of you that said you were going to get back into Scotty’s again before it closed but you didn’t.  Well here is your second chance…don’t F it up.  The dates as of November 26th were: