Trump Makes History: In Trump Fashion

The Art of the "Nuclear" Deal


The summit with North Korea and volatile leader Kim Jong-un took place on June 11 and by all accounts it went pretty well.  Being the only daughter of a card-carrying union painter from Western PA, it is inherent in me to see things with a Democratic slant.  As an educated human being it is in my nature to rely on logic and pit action against words to find the truth.  It breaks my heart to immediately hear the Democratic response of “why are we making this tyrant our friend with his deplorable record of human rights”?  My response to that is, how do we attempt to get them to consider dragging themselves out of the middle ages in terms of human decency if we don’t bring them to some type of diplomatic discussions?

I will never pick a side based on history, or news coverage or financial gain.  I will always pick a side based on what I believe is the right thing to do.  If some form of common ground can be reached on the horrifying possibilities of nuclear war, I am all for it.  My hope is to see a whole country of common people be treated with some form a respect and enjoy some degree of human rights.  Obviously, no one knows what was said between the two leaders in their time alone together and at the end of the day that is probably a good thing.  The insane news media was hopefully kept at arm’s length to some degree so there was a chance at some progress before it was turned into the political circus it will undoubtedly continue to be.

I do not have a vote in the next Nobel Peace Prize balloting and it would be hard to cast a vote in favor of Donald Trump for anything, but the man has done a good thing.  If the ridiculously left bloggers and think tanks continue to insist that any sitting president could have had a meeting with North Korea at any time, please answer the question “why didn’t they”?  It seems the most unlikable person of the last half century did it with a certain ease.  Time will tell what will become of the nukes.  Time will also tell if the masses of North Korea are ever allowed to live in a free society.  I pray they are held accountable for any promises made in terms of the human rights that are given to their citizens.  The life-long Democrat in me cannot allow for too many pats on the back for a president who is not at all presidential.  As the educated person who was asked to give my opinion on this matter, I just don’t see how it can be seen as anything but a huge success if for no other reason than the people of North Korea getting more attention aimed at the fact that they have virtually no human rights.

I don’t have to like him to like the outcome of something he has done.