Be a Voice of Reason

The World is Set Against You



Whether you are quoting the legendary Rudyard Kipling poem or quoting Forgetting Sarah Marshall, please keep your head about you during your next discussion. These days it can be really difficult to have a discussion of any value about anything with any substance, without fearing you’ll never speak to that person again or possibly losing your job.

Sometimes it can be challenging to deal with those who are perceived to be “set in their ways” and just be careful they are not saying the exact same thing about you as they are walking away. How can one even know if their way is the right way? As the famous saying goes, “Never argue with someone who decides who wins.” If it is a heated topic, take a step back and even possibly a deep breath. Allow for other opinions besides the ones you hold near and dear.

Let’s dive into another famous saying which states something about never talking about religion or politics because there is only one way those conversations can end…..does it really have to be that way? Say for example you believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah and the savior to all mankind, or possibly you believe that he was a good teacher and very solid carpenter, or perhaps you believe that the guy just plain never existed……are any of these belief structures reasons to hate or kill or not lend a helping hand to our fellow man?

Set aside our countless differences and pick up a torch for similarities. Make a difference in this world. Give back. Try not to be just the next person who puts fighting and hatred ahead of common ground and similar goals. By all means be true to who you are and what you believe but sometimes you might have to ask yourself this very important question, “To what end?”