Ashley Trimble: Helping Put Kenosha To Work

VPC Innovations Executive Recruiter


Whats the biggest challenge of hiring people in the Kenosha area in this current business climate?

Now, more than ever it is an employee market. Which, as a recruiter means strategy is key. The people we want to hire already have jobs. Anticipating the needs of the company months in advance, to allow for enough time to identify top talent, connect with them, and be available to make an offer when they’re ready to move companies.

What are some of the main “must haves” for potential employees to commit to a new company?

Employees want flexibility. If there’s a snow storm and the roads are terrible- they want to work from home. They also want to feel like they have a voice and are valued for their contributions.

How much importance is placed on the organization as opposed to the position?

I would say the organization is very important. People want to work in a place that has core values they can believe in. Position-wise, more than ever people want opportunities for professional development and growth. Attention spans are shorter, people get bored much faster.

Do you believe that the arrival of FoxConn has changed the game in terms of finding good employees?

I have some insider information on that, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share. I will say, large companies are definitely considering “up-skilling” programs a lot more. I very much support these programs when it comes to our Military Veterans. Manpower Group was just starting to get involved with that during my time there and I had the honor of recruiting some Veterans for their program. I think that’s one of the coolest changes to recruiting happening, maybe not as a direct result of FoxConn but definitely important to note.

Are there any characteristics that set potential employees from Kenosha and this part of the state apart?

I’ve never been surrounded by so many Bears fans before.  But generally, everyone is very kind and polite and truly understand the importance of hard work. There’s been a number of candidates I’ve liked so much I’ve wished I could create a position just so I could work with them every day!

This is a sports website, do you have sports interests?

I’m a born and raised Wisconsin girl. Go Pack. Go Brewers. Go Bucks. And yes, before you start- I know the Pack ain’t looking good this year, but I’m no fair weather fan. (And there’s a lot of season left, damnit!)

What does Ashley Trimble do when not helping people move into a new career?

In my free time, I take care of my family and two cats, and spend time reading and creating. I’m also a hobby photographer- I shoot with Sony and Nikon and love doing photo shoots for friends and family!

What is the best advice you have ever gotten….work or otherwise?

Be bright. Be brief. And be gone. Works great in both personal and professional situations.


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