Brewer Nation Needs A “Come To Jesus” Meeting

This is bigger than the All-Star Game

Jesus Aguilar has logged a monster of a first half of the 2018 baseball season.  Toss away the “but he didn’t even start”, cast aside the “he almost didn’t make the team out of spring training” rhetoric and center on one thing.  The Milwaukee Brewers demand more respect as an organization…this is bigger than Jesus Aguilar…and that’s how we roll in Milwaukee.
The numbers are ridiculous for Aguilar with 23 bombs, 64 RBI and OPS north of 1.000, leads the league in slugging, absolutely a plus first baseman defensively.  And he’s gotta win a play-in game??  Some fool on Yahoo posted an article about 2018 mid-season MVP that also included a Most Improved, no mention of Aguilar anywhere in the article.  Brewer Nation will get the respect they deserve when they go out and take it.  Jesus saw a crack in the door and smashed it open and is now the guts of the line-up of the team with the best record in the league.  Hernan Perez is doing the same thing.
So now is the time for Brewer Nation to take advantage of an opportunity.  In order to show how much you support your underappreciated Brewer, you actually have to have an underappreciated Brewer to support.  And Jesus had made that a possibility.  You have until Wednesday at 3PM Miller Park time to vote Jesus Aguilar in to the All-Star Game.  Go to and vote Jesus in!  This is your chance to overachieve with the Brewers this summer by making it a landslide like it absolutely should be.
He’s got the best numbers in the league, he’s got the best numbers on that voting page, his team has the best record in the NL, and hit fits right in with the best “team culture” perhaps in all of sports.  Aguilar may go on to one of the most decorated careers in Brewer history and he may hear the clock strike midnight or wake from this crazy dream but he sure is a National League All-Star today…vote so he gets that chance.