Time To Double Down on Aguilar

A Clean Sweep in DC


So Jesus Aguilar has made the 2018 NL All-Star roster…finally.  And he made it in grand fashion tallying the 2nd most votes in the history of the fans having a final say .  But let’s face, even the most die-hard Brewer fan still allows a certain amount of doubt to linger when it comes to trying to figure out if this guy is for real.  The numbers are well documented and indisputable.  And for the second time this week, it is time for Brewer fans to walk the walk.

Take your ass to the nearest betting establishment and just double down on Aguilar blowing away DC next week.  He is the No 1 seed in the Home Run Derby and will likely be a middle of the road pick to actually win.  Make that disbelief work for you.  Jesus to win please!  And  pray for their hometown hair-o to trip on his mane and allow Baez from the Cubs to sneak into the finals against Jesus and let’s show the baseball public what a Brewer Cub battle looks like up close.

Now parlay that action and join the chant of MVP, MVP!!  Sure he may only get one AB but if he does, he is extremely capable of lift off.  And should that big fly give his team the lead or provide the winning cushion, the MVP trophy is not a complete pipe dream.

So it is OK to admit, it is still hard to categorize Jesus Aguilar as anything but a major surprise and a fantastic story.  And nothing says that you have to believe anything but that which you honestly believe.  No stones cast.  That being said, he is still not a man you should bet against…not in the current baseball season as it has unfolded.  Cast your pessimism aside and lay waste to your own doubt and take Jesus at the window!  The only thing more unbelievable than the 2018 campaign he has registered thus far, would be a clean sweep of the HR Derby and the game MVP.  Well we believe in Jesus.