Dave Lynn: A KTown Original

Never Short On Words And Opinions


KSE: You and your brother John were trend setters..originals…it is not news to sound and look and present yourself as two did, and continue to do in 2019, but you were those guys in the mid 80s, how did that come about and was it difficult?

DL: Me and my brother fed off of each other as we grew around a very competitive era,which made us better. Which ever sport we played it didn’t matter and growing up around the Lincoln neighborhood,where not too many white guys wanted to hang out at, helped us get that competitive edge and sure helped to learn the lingo and how to talk some smack.

KSE: What is the upside and downside of being someone that knows everyone in a city like KTown where everyone seems to know everyone else’s business? 

DL: Everyone is going to have an opinion no matter how you look at it…that’s how society is today. Instead of living their own life, they want to judge you or talk about the bad; never the good. Life is full of lessons and maybe that’s why the news is bad more than it is good at every outlet you look at.

KSE: You made a name for yourself through sports..do you still see yourself as a sports guy?

DL: Hell yea I’m still a sports guy! My brother is active through Tremper football and is dealing with the kids to maybe teach the skills we were taught through the guys who set the standards we were raised on. And that competitiveness which is always in you…we just hit the links trying to craft the golf swing, lol

KSE: What is the biggest glaring weakness in the sports structure of KTown and KUSD?

DL: It is that the kids now would rather sit behind a TV screen playing Fortnite or what ever it may be , instead of practicing their skills on the field or the court. Kids today have no originality, they just react to what they see!!!

KSE: KTown used to have 2 of the 3 largest schools in the state…did so for years…how on earth are there only a ridiculously low amount state championships considering we had the largest pools of kids to pick from for decades?

DL: It is really a wasted opportunity to dominate. And now the kids have the opportunity to go to any high school they choose which makes it difficult to combine a bunch of good kids together now having three high schools to pick from.

KSE: Can you still ball?

DL: Us old dudes can still play most sports but “when the legs go…you go”! Sports is a young man’s game and fresh legs always gets it done.

KSE: Why are you a Michigan fan?

DL:  From back in high school..Glenn Rice and Rumeal Robinson and Loy Vaught for hoops and Drew Henson and Elvis Grbac for football.  Go Big Blue!

KSE: What was your greatest sports memory?

DL: Playing in the Easter Seals All Star Game in ’89 with Nick Van Exel in the Bradley Center and also playing with my guy Venji Hines…rest his soul.. who taught me that edge you needed as an athlete.

KSE: Is there anything better than the 3 for 5 Authentic Steak Tacos at El Fuegeo?

DL: There is nothing better than El Fuego three for five steak tacos..he is The Man and a great guy !!!