Let’s Stop Actually Being Deplorable

By: Pat Hegewald

As the Democrats pivot towards Health Care, the Republicans are loading up several Russian Collusion investigations of their own and the President is hell bent on perfecting the Alexander the Great-type docudrama he has running around in his head.  And here we all sit…siding up.
Ask yourself a few questions.  Has Donald Trump always lived by special rules?  Yes.  Has Nancy Pelosi always lived by special rules?  Yes.  Does Barack Obama live with special privilege?  Yes.  Does GW Bush live under a different rule of law than me?  Yes.  The minute Jussie Smollett became the “Jackie Robinson” of gay black people, was he entitled to treatment that I would never get?  Yes.
How can the most intelligent, hard working, everyday American be so blind to the obvious….both sides are EQUALLY nothing like Jane and Joe America.  It is OK to believe I should have wrote Jane and Julie America or Mohammed and Rosita International-America when describing our society.  It is equally OK to think there is nothing wrong with Joe and Jane America when describing our society.  Both are true, and to be understood and respected.  How many more times are you going to hear “we need to have that conversation” before you realize that conversation is obviously not happening?
The true upside of the Trump administration is “the gloves are off”.  The downside is the volatility of the current lead dog.  “News Network” ratings are good..on both sides.  The incomprehensible will continue to be more and more commonplace and it will become increasingly difficult to believe anything any one says.  The true crime of all of it is that it is the will of the American people to allow it to continue and flourish.
For me, the closest person that even remotely appears to be the least bit concerned about results is Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema..notice the no political affiliation in parentheses because what difference does it make?  Get your head out of the sand and stop memorizing your argument and actually look at a person’s voting record.  Visit their website and see what they stand for.  I did, and she makes the most sense to me and there are others like her that are truly interested in compromise.  Educate yourself and stop allowing this divide to happen!
Find the politician or politicians that understand that compromise is the only remedy.  Trade in your forgiveness of yet another investigation because “The American people have a right to know”.  It is as hollow as “our thoughts and prayers go out for the families”.  Of course the American people have a right to know and any family involved in tragedy is deserving of our well wishes but both sides continue to drop bombs on each other which leaves exactly half of America appalled at this newest “shameful” behavior..and half of America mounting their defense beginning “Yea, well what about”…fill in any name here.  I implore you to consider asking “what about results” and actually expecting an answer that either side can live with.
We will never live in the world of Donald Trump and we will never live in the world of Nancy Pelosi so let’s stop acting like either of them reside in our reality.  We need to support people who embrace compromise and understand that the only end game is the betterment and protection of the American people.  Support a politician that will forgive any insensitivity in this article because they understand the message it is intended to convey.  Both sides are equal parts brilliance and corruption…support a politician that can pull the extremes toward the middle and who doesn’t want to be loved or to be right, they just want to be effective.