$50 Million vs Winning vs Future

Don't Pretend To Have the Answer


For most common folk it is very hard to imagine $50 million dollars let alone the difference between $150 million and $200 million. Many people will hint at the notion of what difference does it make when you are making THAT much money.  Well the difference is a lot! It is 25%. If you had $100 dollars and gave away $25 of it, you would most likely feel that is a huge chunk of what you have.  If you add a bunch of zeros, it is still the exact same percentage.  Also, another major factor is everyone giving their opinion so freely well – it isn’t their money they are making these decisions with.

Let’s talk about giving up that much money for the opportunity to be a winner or go to a winning franchise.  We talk about external endorsements or making up the difference because we may be in a bigger money market and while that is possible it is only an option for the very best of the best.  So, we are not talking about a huge group of people here and most individuals, even at the professional level, must look out for themselves when it comes to contract time.  We have seen people jump at their chance for a big pay day while going somewhere we all know will be their demise but money rules the day and has for a long, long time.  Ask the Capitals coach, who after leading them to their first ever Stanley Cup, was given the opportunity to walk because they weren’t going to pay him despite what he just did for the organization.  We are a fickle people my friends and don’t you forget it!

We should also mention the long-term retirement plan of going to a huge market and setting yourself up for life after professional sports.  Being in a city within a state that has endless opportunities both on and off the court is a huge attraction.  We can still win and compete for a championship all while laying down roots in a city rich in tradition with endless money.  We all know the famous concepts of delaying of gratification and the time value of money – well what if you could both simultaneously.  My advice to you would be what are you waiting for?